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Woodburning Fireplace Insert

The Fireplace have come a long way. From the old, inefficient masonry fireplace design, to gas and coal fireplace to the much more convenient electric fireplace, we can only wonder if there will ever be enough of them.

Probably not until we found one that’s perfectly efficient and delivers every cent of heat it generates into the room and most importantly, appealing to the eyes. Today, manufacturers keep modifying the various fireplace designs to increase efficiency as well as minimize cost to the barest minimum.

One fireplace variety that has received much attention in this aspect of modification is the popular old school masonry wood burning fireplace.

The masonry wood burning fireplace is one of the oldest types of fireplace ever invented. It’s inspiration comes from the warmth produced by burning wood. It is one of the first indoor fireplace mankind ever used and are still using. The fireplace makes use of wood as its primary fuel and an open hearth as the fire area, connected to the outside world by a chimney to allow the passage of smoke out of the hearth.

Since wood does not burn cleanly, the masonry fireplace has to provide a way for smoke from the burning wood to escape out of the room to keep the occupants comfortable. This of course came in the form of the vent called the chimney.

While the chimney provide a very effective solution for getting rid of smokes, it’s also reduced the efficiency of the fireplace. Almost every heat generated in the fireplace is lost to the outside world through the chimney.

Today, fireplace manufacturers have designed a much more efficient way for you to burn wood and get almost 100% of the heat generated from the fireplace into your home. With our wood fireplace inserts, you get the value for your money and the comfort of warmth.

Fireplace inserts are the modern design of the masonry fireplace. Fireplace insert are self-contained unit and are very easy to install. They can be installed into existing masonry fireplace to increase their efficiency. They often consist of a fireplace encased in a steel shell.


Air from the room moves between the steel shell and gets warmer and then through conventional flow rises up while colder air comes closer to the steel and the cycle continues.

Our wood burning inserts has an efficient chimney design to ensure heat loss to the environment is minimal thereby increasing the amount of heat delivered into your room.

We made sure our shell design is appealing so as to accentuate your interior design and not stand out in the most awkward way and they can be installed into almost any masonry fireplace.

Fireplace inserts are very similar to wood burning fireplace. They make use of the same fuel, they produce ashes as residues which must be cleaned out from time to time to keep the place clean.

Some fireplace inserts like the pellet burner, however, makes use of pellets – compressed wood chippings such as sawdust as fuel. This type of wood inserts are very efficient, easy to maintain and semi-automatic in operation.

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