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Gas Fireplace

Get the best value for your money with our gas fireplace for your home. Keeping your home warm and inviting shouldn’t come at exorbitant cost or much stress at that. With our gas fireplace, you get all the comforts of warmth without putting in all the extra efforts.

The gas fireplace makes use of natural gas or propane as fuel. It burns cleanly and does not leave any toxic waste products in your home. It is quite easy to use. Since it doesn’t require wood to keep the flame, you wouldn’t have to worry about chopping or carrying wood up to your fireplace.

Our gas fireplace features some of the most sophisticated designs available in the market today. The fireplace comes with a simple and easy to use design. A switch to tune up or down the flames as you desire and a blowing control system to keep your interior atmosphere clean.

Efficiency is well taken into consideration in our gas fireplace designs. With our gas fireplace, you get 90-98% of the heat generated. That’s a high value for every cent you’ll spend on gas and more warmth for you and your family.

A gas fireplace is a very practical and operational solution for the cold months of winter. It comes with a storage tank to host your natural gas and a burning area as well as an exhaust to take care of all residues. Our gas fireplaces also come with a simple dial to tune up or down the flames. The entire unit is sealed in a chamber connected with valves to the outside world. This allows it to bring in fresh air to keep the fire going for as long as you want.

Gas fireplace typically come in two forms: the vented type and the vent free type. The vented fireplace does not burn as cleanly as the vent free type. It produces carbon monoxide residue just like the regular wood burning fireplace. As such it must be used in a fireplace with vent or chimney.

The vented fireplace, however, produces more realistic flames which are yellowish and tends to be taller. It’s the perfect fit for those looking for a burning place with flames like the traditional wood burning fireplace and yet without all the work. It also does not require the installation of carbon dioxide level sensors in the room since its vents allows the carbon emissions to escape into the outside world.

The vent free type can be installed in any fireplace, with or without vents. It burns more cleanly and it’s only products are water and carbon dioxide. These are not harmful in themselves but the build up coupled with depletion of oxygen especially due to poor ventilation can be a problem.

As such, it is recommended that you make use of vent free gas fireplace with good ventilation to let in oxygen.

The vent free fireplace is one of the most efficient fireplaces today and gives you more than 90% of the heat generated in the unit.

Whether you already have a fireplace and are looking for an insert for it or just a standalone heating unit, you can easily opt for a gas fireplace for more warmth for you and your family.

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