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Pellet Stoves and Inserts

Enjoy the pleasure of fire with our range of pellet stoves. Easy, practical to use, efficient heat delivery system and sophisticated design defines our wide collection of pellet fireplace. They are some of the best options available in the market, adopted by most families across the country as their alternative source of heat in the cold months of winter.

The fireplace has become an integral part of almost every modern home design today. This of course comes from the necessity of keeping the home warm in the cold months of the year. Aside the trouble of maintaining the fireplace, one of the most important things to consider today more than ever is the cost of keeping your home warm all day long and at the same time, the convenience of doing so.

The pellet fireplace is one of the cheapest and most efficient heating options available today in the market. It is also eco-friendly as it makes use of residues from wood processing which otherwise would have been left to rot in the forest. It basically turns waste into useful products and protects our green environment.

The pellet fireplace is quite easy to set up and operate. After the initial setup, the work you need to put in to make this fireplace functional is to feed in pellets into the system and you can have your room warmed up all day long without making any extra effort. This system is semiautomatic and will take care of everything else once you feed in the pellet into its storage hopper.

There are two options for you when it comes to the pellet fireplace: the free standing model; which can be installed in rooms without an existing fireplace, and the other is the pellet installer model which can be fitted into an existing fireplace.

Pellet stoves typically make use of pellet. Pellets are compressed wood chippings or sawdust. The pellet burner is a semi electric and mechanical system. They typically come with a storage hopper. You feed the pellet into this hopper and the stove will take care of everything from there including monitoring the movement of the pellet from the hopper into the fire area.

It moves pellets from the hopper to the fire area with the help of an electric auger. The auger feeds the flame with just the right amount of pellet to maintain the temperature of the room dictated by your thermostat.

The burner ensures uniform heat circulation within the room by setting up convection current within the room using its system of blowers. The blowers draw cold air from the room into the burner and at the same time blows in the heated air to replace the cold air. It also eliminate smokes from the burner using another system of blowers through its stainless-steel exhaust vent.

The pellet fireplace has been rated to be more than 78% efficient. As such, you actually get most of the heat it generates. The system is also quite easy to maintain. Pellets burn cleanly and produces very little residue. As such, it does not require as much effort as the wood fireplace to keep clean.

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